steve-morrowSteven Morrow is the founder and principal of Steven Morrow Leadership. In his leadership coaching work, Steven focuses on the client’s ability to build effective relationships which create strategic impact, leadership presence, and valued partnerships with clients. Steven’s clients say he brings absolute honesty and razor insight complemented with a remarkable level of acceptance. This combination allows client and coach to get to the core of the opportunity and address it with expediency.

Steven typically coaches senior executives who take personal responsibility for their own growth, and want an insightful coach who can help them see what they need to do to get to the next level – both within the company, and as a human being.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Steven brings demonstrated international expertise both in coaching and teaching leaders and in leading global teams. Steven has led large multi-national projects, and has coached leaders in Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Steven draws on his 15+ years of corporate experience leading diverse, high-performance teams and designing and selling high-tech solutions under tight timelines. As a Solution Architect for EDS and HP, Steven successfully developed, presented and sold integrated technology solutions valued up to US$1B.

In addition to his business experience, Steven brings deep experience in Jungian Shadow work, Buddhism, and personal transformational events. Steven cared for his first wife through a long battle with cancer, and strives to bring the perspectives gained through that experience into all walks of life. He brings years of experience coaching and staffing workshops aimed at personal transformational change.

After achieving a master’s degree in pure mathematics at age 21, Steven has worked at understanding change theory by challenging fundamental assumptions his entire career. Steven’s coaching capabilities are largely sourced from four complementing experiences: Certification from the New Ventures West Professional Coaching Course and Results Coaching Internal Coaching Training, both accredited by the International Coaching Federation; 15 years in corporate leadership, including 5 years architecting information technology proposals valued from $1M to over $1B; and leadership in the ManKind project, a men’s group devoted to personal development.

Steven is an experienced facilitator for board meetings, executive retreats and workshops. Steven has also designed and delivered sold-out transformational workshops.